Roidmi 2S – Hands-free calls, Music playing, Navigation broadcasting, Car charging 4 in 1


  • Dual USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously
  • Intelligent noise cancelling, HD sound for you
  • 3.4A dual ports with high performance, conversion rate up to 95 percent, charge devices with fast speed
  • Bluetooth wireless connection, one time to pair and restart automatically
  • Real time to monitor the voltage, deliver alarming message when it occurs abnormal situation
  • Hands-free calls


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Compatible with iOS, Android, the performance is more powerful

With the double model of bluetooth 4.2 chip, compatible with Android and iOS system. With an unique background noise reduction, let the car audio sound clearer and better by acoustic technology. With conversion efficiency of charging up to 95% to deliver, the fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 A single output or 3.8A double output. With abundant application functions in the APP store, more convenient for listening music, online radio, and enjoy the smart driving .


Wirelessly transmit call and music from Bluetooth phone to the car FM stereo system.

This product can play the music, audio novel, online audio from your phone or tablet PC non-destructive by your car’s stereo. Once set up pairs, it will connect to your device and play the audio automatically every time.

So many wonderful songs in my phone, how to enjoy them when driving?
Connecting to the audio APPs in your phone via Roidmi Car Bluetooth Player, you can greatly enjoy music during driving for safety. Intelligent continued broadcasting function,the music will not break when you come to the car next time .

Empty radio station scanning, intelligent background noise reduction.

Select the best FM chip QN8007 of American Quintic, scanning for the best idle radio station, ensure the rate of FM near-field fidelity.Based on the electroacoustic technology accumulated, developed unique background noise reduction technology. With powerful intelligent background noise reduction ability, greatly enhance the clarity of sound, provide crystal clear music and voices also make calling more relaxed when driving.

Unique elegant appearance design with a strong powerful chip
Double ports’ total output is up to 3.8A overall.
2 universal USB charging ports,single output 2.4A,Input Voltage: 12V-24V ;
Bluetooth hands-free calls, enjoy your safe driving. You will not miss calls any more.


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